14 April 2022

Files Manager Fixed Turn on the possibility to upload multiples files in the same time.

13 April 2022

MX Bikes New Add a new game : MX Bikes.

12 April 2022

Kart Racing Pro New Add a new game : Kart Racing Pro.

6 April 2022

GP Bikes New Add a new game : GP Bikes.

31 March 2022

Console Fixed Increase the speed to display the console when it open.

27 March 2022

Mx Simulator Fixed Send message via the dashboard.

1 March 2022 New Add storage size limitation. New Add possibility to select the version of the server (2.3.3 or 3.0.0). Fixed Hide server console for not logged in users.

28 February 2022 Fixed Increased the file size limit for upload from 200Mb to 512Mb.

27 February 2022

BMX Pipe New Add new tab on the dashboard of BMX Pipe servers to display the server console.

Fixed Fail of start server return right information and not just a generic message : error.

24 February 2022 Fixed Upload of hudge mods